Re: Reflections on the election and implications for the OVC

From: Barbara Simons <simons_at_acm_dot_org>
Date: Wed Nov 03 2004 - 21:03:29 CST

I really hate to say this, because I think that DREs are a disaster. But at
my polling site, people seemed to vote faster on the DREs than on the paper
ballots that had been provided as an alternative.

As I understand it, the Santa Clara Registrar of Voting did very thorough
L&A testing of the Sequoia DREs that were used. We had no problems with
them, aside from my unease that they were being used at all.


On 11/3/04 14:19, "Joseph Lorenzo Hall" <> wrote:

>> I was about to say that. Thanks, Charlie, for saying that. Early voting is
>> being promoted precisely because DREs are expensive. It's a way to get more
>> usage out of these machines. It's typical of the mentality that prevails
>> with many election officials: Let's plan the voting system and procedures
>> with election administration considerations paramount -- the voter's
>> concerns (long lines) is not so important.
> There are indications that DREs just take longer for the average voter
> to vote on... would be good to study this... this could be a learning
> issue (in that, once people are familiar with them, they will go
> faster). -Joe
> PS: here's a quick write-up of my E-Day:
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