Re: statistical study after next Tues election

From: Joel Harris <joel_at_ccpconsultinginc_dot_com>
Date: Wed Nov 03 2004 - 12:49:23 CST

Please get real. This is not a "fraudulent" result. If there is any
issue, it is not with the voting systems, but rather with the
registration systems. Do you really think there was 3.5 million votes
incorrectly recorded? Please understand that the results that we have
seen are due to the people speaking. The results are very close to the
general polls (not "exit" polls, but the actual polls) that came out
Monday night and Tuesday morning (see


Patricia Gracian wrote:

>Are you working with ?
>If not, you should be.
>Someone has to contest this election and all of its fraudulent results.
>We cannot afford another 4 years.
>We cannot let the thugs steal this election. They stole the last one.
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