What a Million Visitors Would Do For OVC

From: Alan Dechert <alan_at_openvotingconsortium_dot_org>
Date: Tue Nov 02 2004 - 10:29:50 CST

Over the last 24 hours, OVC received about 4400 visitors. We got 9 new
subscribers. My initial prediction was that we'd get at least one
subscriber per 1,000 visitors. This works out to about one subscriber per
500 visitors. Based on that, one million visitors would bring us 2,000

I think this confirms we have a good sales pitch. I want to thank Teresa
Hommel and Kathy Dopp for helping to refine the message. Also, I want to
thank Jim March for encouraging me to give it a try. And a huge thanks to
Bob Ramstad scoring the link at electoral-vote.com.

In addition to the 9 subscribers, we received $192.50 with 9 one-time
contributions (about $183 after PayPal fees). Previously, one-time
contributions outnumbered subscriptions by about 10 to 1. Now, we're
getting subscriptions at about the same rate because we're emphasizing the
subscriptions more on our home page.

If these rates held, with one million visitors we'd raise about:

$20,000 -- with 2,000 subscriptions
$40,000 -- with 2,000 one-time donations averaging $20

So, please, let's shoot for the one million visitors. If we only get half
that, we'll meet out goal of a thousand-plus subscriptions plus raise money
from one-time contributions. This would put OVC on very solid footing.

I don't know how much time Bob Ramstad spent getting the link on
electoral-vote.com but I suspect it mainly just took a little initiative,
which I'm sure that everyone on this list could manage.

We could get the "million visitors" with a combination of,

- Links on high-traffic web sites
- Messages on high-volume email lists
- Conventional media

As Troy Davis recently demonstrated, you don't have to be an officer of OVC
to get us some conventional media coverage. Call up people in the local
media and tell them about the OVC project. I will have a press release
drafted today, but you don't even need to wait for that. The message is
simple: "Over the last 4 years, the U.S. failed to correct its faulty voting
system. Let's make sure we get it done this time. There is a growing
consensus that we need voting machines that produce a paper ballot and use
open source software. OVC is leading the charge."

--Alan Dechert
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