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From: Arthur Keller <arthur_at_kellers_dot_org>
Date: Mon Nov 01 2004 - 16:08:29 CST

Good wording and suggestions, Ed.

I have the versions that run on Mac OS X (which are slight mods of
the version from other platforms), except for the BRP (which Karl
Auerbach got working on his PC). I'm not sure how those corresponds
to the version at sourceforge. We should probably do some sync
soon. I've not looked at the Strong Box Linux version.

Best regards,

At 1:05 PM -0800 11/1/04, Edmund R. Kennedy wrote:
>Hello Alan:
> Who was the person who got us slash dotted the last time?
>First draft suggested copy for the teaser to the "Slash Dot"
>audience on November 3, 2004:
>"Now, more than ever, it's plainly obvious we need better voting
>technology. The group with the best effort underway is the Open
>Voting Consortium. We've mentioned their open source, Linux based,
>paper ballot voting system before. Give 'em a look at
>" I don't have any contacts at Slash Dot but I think David or
>Charley does if my memory serves me at all.
>What is the status of the software? Last I heard was that it had
>gone through another itereation and was available as an
>enhanced demo under Strong Box Linux. Anything new?
>Thanks, Ed Kennedy
>Alan Dechert <> wrote:
>For the last 4 hours, we've been getting about 400 visitors per hour and one
>new Supporting Member per hour. To reach one million visitors in the next
>ten days, we need to increase that to about 4,000 visitors per hour.
>About 10 links on really active web sites would do that. The time to start
>getting those links is NOW!
>Alan D.
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