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From: David Mertz <voting-project_at_gnosis_dot_cx>
Date: Mon Nov 01 2004 - 15:34:12 CST

"Edmund R. Kennedy" <> wrote:
|I don't have any contacts at SlashDot but I think David or Charley does
|if my memory serves me at all.

Nope, NO ONE has any "contacts" at /. Well, I guess they have about a
half-dozen or dozen people who work for them--but contacts are not how
articles get placed.

Slashdot lets anyone submit a story... but whether or not they choose to
run a particular story is entirely up to the editors. I've submitted a
few that were rejected; and I've submitted one that was accepted (about
EVM2003). I'm not sure how many rejections Charlie might have gotten,
but he got one article accepted that I know of (also on OVC).

|What is the status of the software? Last I heard was that it had gone
|through another itereation and was available as an enhanced demo under
|Strong Box Linux. Anything new?

Software is basically in stasis. It's no worse than last time you knew
about it, but it's also no better. Basically, we haven't updated much
since the April 1 demo (pending all the laws, lobbying, funding,
standards, etc. that we've been working on). There's probably a minor
footnote in there about a couple things that were touched up, but not a
big one.

Of course, all it takes to come out of stasis is one or more active
developers. The code is termite free, or at least it hasn't attracted
any new termites since April.
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