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From: Alan Dechert <alan_at_openvotingconsortium_dot_org>
Date: Sun Nov 30 2003 - 21:34:12 CST


> 1. Is this 116-bit number only for this hypothetical election or is it a
> built-in constant to the architecture of the whole system? ...
No. Sorry if I wasn't clear. Each of the 116 positions represents a
possible selection on our demo ballot. Other than that, it doesn't mean
anything I know of.

> ... If the former, how does it generalize and is there anything
> in the bit pattern itself that binds it to a particular set of contests?
Clearly, no. This is purely demo code.

> 2. We probably ought to be fairly precise in our terminology. For example
> it was derailed for a moment when you used the word "digit" to refer to a
> 0/1 valued object. ....
I am primarily an artist -- not a computer scientist. But I will try to
follow more cs-conventional terminology.

> The reason that I think that terminology is important
> is that eventually this software, ..
No. This is throw-away code.

> or rather its descendants, ...
getting warm ...

> ... will have to pass under the watchful eye of some sort
> of certifying authority. We ought to endevour to make the job
> of certifying code as painless as possible by trying to go out
> of our way to be clear.

[3. ...}

> 4. We might want to consider using the GNU gettext API for python. This
> allows for relatively easy localization. Again, this is something that I
> have not used myself yet. But it looks pretty easy to use, at least in
> the Python case.
We should make the software easy to translate. I agree.

> By-the-way for the touch-screen part of the demo, what specific mechanisms
> are going to be used to do the touch-screen stuff? (I saw that there is
> some support for touch-screen in X, but I'm not familiar with it. In
> addition, I've become a fan of wxPython/wxWindows but I'm not aware of how
> it can deal with touch-screens.)
This is a very good question and we need to invistigate this. I was under
the impression that ENO (sp?) software would handle this in any case. We
need to get the wxPython/wxWindows code and see if it works with

Certainly, Gene Mosher knows a lot about this and maybe we'll hear more from
him on this subject. Gene?

Alan D.
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