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From: Alan Dechert <alan_at_openvotingconsortium_dot_org>
Date: Sun Nov 30 2003 - 00:04:21 CST


> Great. thanks for the clarifications as I was unclear on that point.
> So to be clear, I believe you are saying that the OVC system wont have
> any latent DRE capability at all. ....
I'm not sure you are understanding the difference. When you punch, "CAST
BALLOT" on a DRE, you have voted. The OVC system has no such thing. There
is no "CAST BALLOT" on the screen. You print the ballot. You have voted
when you deposit the printed ballot into the ballot box.

> That is, even if one desired to use
> the OVC computer to get the first round ballot count, that
> (intentionally) this is not possible. ....
The procedure for producing the precinct report has been described in some
detail. Please review that. The printed ballots will be scanned (barcode)
immediately after the polls close. These electronic ballot images are
compared against the ballot images that come off the voting machines.

The result from the reconciliation procedure is sent to the county HQ

> The OVC system for legal purposes is no different than a very
> fancy pen, if you will, that fills out your ballot for you and prints
> it (along with some ballot improvements). ....
I guess this is okay. You go to the voting machine anonymously and print a

> But it does not retain any records of either the printed or
> the cast ballots itself that could be used for any sort of
> ballot counting.
You sound extremely confused. I'm sorry if I have caused the confusion.

1) The printed ballot the voter put in the ballot box represents the
authentic vote cast. If all the computers break down at that point, the
vote can be determined with a manual recount if necessary.

2) All electronic records are preserved. They facilitate tabulation and
provide addition audit trails.

> these are pretty important points so I want to be clear.
> If have understood this correctly, ....
I guess not.

> then it has some ramifications. For
> example, discussion on this thread of having the OVC know how many
> votes were cast and so forth is sort of moot. It cant know. It cant
> know which ballots that it printed were eventually cast.
Charlie, again, I am very grateful for your support. I have no idea how
you have come to these conclusions.

I recognize the difficulty for someone coming in fairly late in the project.
There is a lot to absorb. You have missed some major points. We are
working on getting an FAQ that may help newcomers understand the project.


Alan D.

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