Re: Web database help wanted

From: Alex Burgel <alex_at_chachacharming_dot_com>
Date: Fri Nov 28 2003 - 10:10:14 CST

i have a lot of MySQL experience.

i'd be happy to help with this. but i don't know ASP, so i could manage
the database, but i wouldn't be much help in writing the scripts.

on a side note, in the spirit of open source, perhaps we should consider
a linux hosting solution... i don't know what deal we have here, but i
can imagine a linux host would be cheaper, and we could benefit from a
lot of open source software to run the site.

i'm thinking about weblogs, bulletin boards, etc. there are tons of open
source packages for those, but they're all for php and perl, not ASP.


On 11/28/03, said:

>I've done lots of database stuff but no web based database stuff. We
>to set up some databases for a couple of purposes:
>1) Contacts database for volunteers making contacts with people on
>behalf of
>the OVC.
>2) Sign up lists -- so surfers can register support, whatever.
>Our OVC acct allows us to use MS Access or MySQL. Do we have any
>with experience with web based databases?
>I threw up a scratch contacts database (one table and one form) using
>to test with but it don't zactly work rite.
>Our web master (Charles) is not up to speed on this either. It would
>nice if someone would take on the task of developing and maintaining a
>simple databases. The contacts database should be password protected.
>sign up lists would be open (implies some additional possible
>Please let me know if you want to take on this task.
>-- Alan Dechert 916-791-0456
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