Re: electronically detecting tampering

From: Amit Sahai <sahai_at_CS_dot_Princeton_dot_EDU>
Date: Thu Nov 27 2003 - 12:51:56 CST

Hi David:

> I did as you suggest--i.e. those points or sub-points I added are
> strictly intermixed with the full text of Clay's concerns.

Great, I just wanted to make the point that you had already understood! In
my rush to make it I didn't look carefully enough at your comments.
Regarding your suggestion:

> However, going forward, it probably does make sense to set up a Wiki, or
> similar system, for such a shared document. If the document gets longer
> than just the outline--for example, explanations, links, footnotes, etc.
> associated with each point--it becomes awkward to continuously forward
> the modified version. Not so much because of the document size, but
> simply because it is easy to miss what got changed.
> ...
> ... I guess I volunteer to figuring
> out how to create a Wiki at the same host where I keep the mailing list
> archive.

Thanks for volunteering to help with this -- I agree that a Wiki would be
suitable for this purpose. I've never set one up either. Charlie Strauss
is also looking into setting up an infrastructure for our discussion.
Please confer with him and set up the appropriate structure for our

Best wishes,
Prof. Amit Sahai
Department of Computer Science
Princeton University
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