VII alpha

From: Jan Karrman <jan_at_it_dot_uu_dot_se>
Date: Wed Nov 26 2003 - 10:15:28 CST

There is a version available of the VII that you can test now. I have
not yet uploaded it to SourceForge, but you can download from (15Mb)

Put the audio files in a subdirectory 'audio'. The script calls the 'play'
command to play the audio files. It is a script that in turn calls 'sox'.
This was installed by default on my RedHat 9 system. It is available from

You can run the application ( without the audio files - text will
be printed that is supposed to be read out (sometimes it will only be an

You can reset the application with Ctrl-C. Terminate with two quick

All audio files are not recorded yet. Cory has made all I have asked
for, but there are a few more needed.

I have used curses, this means that it may not be possible to test it
on Windows machines (may work together with Cygwin). But If you have a
shell account on SourceForge (only developers I suppose), you can log
on to and run /home/users/k/ka/karrman/
You will then of course not be able to hear the sound files.
For this you will need an ssh client that emulates some terminal type
that curses supports. I have tested these, and they worked fine:

Things to be done:

 * Connect it with the ballot printing routine. Should be simple, the
   application creates an XML file in the current directory.

 * Implement the arrow key chase - you know like "no, that's the Shift
   key. The arrow keys are to the right." etc. I'm not sure if this is
   really necessary, though. Since there is a possibility that another
   voter left in the middle of the process, shouldn't a pollworker
   follow the voter to the voting booth and make sure that the app is
   its initial stage. Then he can at the same time give instructions:
   "Here are the arrow keys, use them to navigate. This is the Escape
   key, press it for help.". A person that isn't used to computer
   keybords must probably be instructed anyway; "Press a key" does not
   mean "press and hold", etc.

 * Write the text for the introduction, Alan?

The code isn't pretty. I tried to be structured at first, but as I
added things it became a bit messy. But I wanted to get something that
worked as quickly as possible.

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