Re: Re: Electronic Voting Cost Considerations: Calling Geroge Soros!!!

From: Gene Mosher <gene_at_viewtouch_dot_com>
Date: Tue Nov 25 2003 - 14:53:43 CST


Thanks for the rapid reply. I couldn't agree more. The political issue
is the difficult one. It will not be hard to quickly create a system
that looks great, satisfies your design requirements, is easy to
maintain and is intuitively easy to use. I wanted to tell that to the
people who have doubts that we can do that. It isn't fair for me to
expect that all these people can see that because I've been building
this platform for all these years and my view is unique.

What I want people to see on my web site is what we can do, but also
that we have the tools. It's as if, for example, that we want them to
see that we've not only built a beautiful house here, yes, but, by way
of analogy, that we have also built a robot which can build lots of
beautiful houses. I am not saying, either, that we have the voting
code, but that we have the GUI that sits in front of the users. That
dramatically lightens the burden of those who will need to code the
project. It makes it a couple orders of magnitude easier and
essentially eliminates the chance that they could either fail or bring
the project in on time. The first part of the system that is built in
this approach is the GUI. And that is done by the users, relieving the
coders of the part of their job that historically has been very
difficult and distracting. This is a great new way to write software
for systems - doing the GUI first and allowing the programmers to simply
create or adjust the operational characteristics of the GUI.

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