Re: Re: Electronic Voting Cost Considerations: Calling Geroge Soros!!!

From: Gene Mosher <gene_at_viewtouch_dot_com>
Date: Tue Nov 25 2003 - 13:25:45 CST

I want to respond to some opinions offered that a superior voting system
based upon free software is 'way out there in the future, if at all'.

I have the means here, including proven software, a rapid-prototyping
environment, development experience and development resources to very
rapidly produce a voting system which meets the design requirements
represented by Alan D.

It would be nice to have some funding from G. Soros and anyone else who
wants to provide funding support, of course, but the project to develop
a world-class voting solution can be a success in a very short time
without such support.

Alan has stated the demographic dimensions of the free software
movement. I want to state, in support of what he is contributing, that
the development of such a system is actually very nearly done. A little
organization and a little funding will allow a fully operational voting
system to be created.

Over the past 25 years have developed software that is in use by
millions of people worldwide because it has been accepted for its ease
of use and its value, and I've done it on a shoestring. I can assure
you that this system can be completed in short order.

Alan - We'll talk and I'll help you to put the rapic development of a
world-class, free software voting system on a fast track. We will not
be delayed or sidetracked by any GUI or development problems which were
successfully dealt with long ago and only live on in the minds of people
who are not up to speed on the present state of software or hardware

Gene Mosher
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