From: Chris Schaefer <evm_at_1reality_dot_org>
Date: Tue Nov 25 2003 - 01:48:29 CST

Hi folks:
    I'm off to catch a plane early in the AM. Likely I'll be out of
touch for 1 week. Nonetheless the software is now in an alpha state,
and I'll be tweaking subtle stuff while I'm gone.

The output is here
1) output of 3 precincts with 500 fake votes per precinct
2) output of only ONE of the 3 precincts
3) all the 1500 ballots used to create this output

As it stands now, results are presented in Alphabetical order on a single page.

It will be easy to scale the input up to the requested
0.5Mega-ballots. I just didn't want to wait for the processing
time on all that for now.

Right now the percentages are based on the total number of votes cast
for each contest. I suspect that basing it on the number of ballots
cast would be a more appropriate number. what do you think?

Finally I'm quite open to formatting suggestions, this is just the
most simple I could come up with.

At this point I have not completed an XML version of the output.

Happy Turkey Day Everyone!


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