Re: Release Files, registrations, Sourceforge administrative stuff

From: Anand Pillai <anand_pillai_at_fastmail_dot_fm>
Date: Mon Nov 24 2003 - 00:33:32 CST

I have a problem. I no longer have Internet access in my house.
The firewall in my company prohibits CVS access of any form,
so I have to depend on someone who will upload the code I write
to sourceforge.

I will give specific instructions in a mail with the code.
I hope someone can volunteer to help me in this.


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Subject: [voting-project] Release Files, registrations, Sourceforge
administrative stuff


The voting-project currently has 41 members. But we only have 12 listed
SourceForge (our project page:
We don't expect all of you to be listed on SouceForge, and it isn't
necessary in order to contribute to the project. However, I think there
at least 10 - 15 people that probably should be added. Please go to and register (if you're not already registered
there). Then send me your SourceForge ID and I will add you to the
project on SourceForge.

For the demo that we are tentatively planning for the first week in
December, there are four main software components:

1) GUI Ballot
2) Vision Impaired Interface (VII)
3) Tabulation Demo
4) Barcode Vocalization Application (BVA)

I would like to have each of these posted to SourceForge ASAP (by Tuesday
for sure) under the File Release section. My part -- the trivial part --
BVA is there.

Jan, Chris, and Anand own the other three. Please, guys, post your apps
there and provide detailed instructions for how to install and run these

I just went to SourceForge to make sure Jan, Chris, and Anand had
appropriate permissions and discovered that Chris is not even listed. I
updated permissions for Jan and Anand so they should be able to put their
applications there.

There are a few steps to go through. A couple of days ago, I mentioned
I was having some trouble but discovered that you only need to follow the
directions (duh... I was trying to FTP to and forgot
the fact that you need to FTP to For example,
upload your file like so:

FTP to
Login as "anonymous"
Use your e-mail address as the password for this login
Set your client to binary mode ("bin" on command-line clients)
Change your current directory to /incoming ("cd /incoming")
Upload the desired files for the release ("put filename")

Go to SourceForge for detailed instructions on creating the release
for your application.

-- Alan Dechert 916-791-0456

  Anand Pillai
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