Re: XML ballot format

From: David Mertz <voting-project_at_gnosis_dot_cx>
Date: Sun Nov 23 2003 - 19:47:34 CST

There are a few issues Chris raised. I'm not sure exactly what Alan's
notes responded to, since this subject line occurred in a couple
subtreads. Here're my opinions:

A globally unique filename for cast ballot XML files is a great idea,
and there's no reason not to use that in the demo. E.g.:


|1) Something to indicate the number of selections a voter can make.
|This should be a minimum ( usually zero ) and a maximum
|minSelections="0" maxSelections="1"

These were called minVotes/maxVotes in earlier discussion, and I think
in Anand's planning for the pre-vote ballot.xml file. I don't think
there should be too much difficulty carrying the same attribute forward
from ballot.xml to 20031108-MA-FRANKLIN-1234-5435.xml (and friends).

But I also think this is non-critical for the demo timeframe. So if the
VII and GUI authors manage it, great; otherwise, roll with the gap.

|2) Something to indicate the scope of the contest. Ie for what
|region of the country does the contest apply.

Alan is right that this issue is more complex than it appears at first
glance. The precise scope of an election might not line up exactly with
other named jurisdictions, for example. I think we should defer further
consideration of this question until after the demo.

|3) I'd like to have the ballot number indicated by the attribute
|ballot_number= rather than simply number= There is additional
|clarity and self documentation in this.

I'm neutral on this, but if it is any more work for anyone, I would
defer it.

|4) I really don't like the syntax of the "coupled" attribute as

I agree with Chris in principle. I find the "coupled" thing awkward
too. But I'm not certain what the best approach is (Chris' probably
looks good, but there might be contest types I have not thought
through). I would stick with the imperfect approach for the demo. It
only happens for prez/vp for the demo, so I think we can live with it
for the nonce.

Yours, David...

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