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From: Chris Schaefer <evm_at_1reality_dot_org>
Date: Sun Nov 23 2003 - 18:23:11 CST

>Below is the format that Jan is using for the ballot. There have been a few
>tweaks here and there since we started on this but I hope we are settled on
>this for the demo.

One thing that I'd like to have is that a "cast ballot file"
contains ALL the information necessary
to tabulate the data with referring to another file for further
information. Things missing from this
definition to achieve that are

1) Something to indicate the number of selections a voter can make.
This should be a minimum ( usually zero ) and a maximum ( often one,
but in the example of the cat-catcher, 3 )
    proposal: two additional attributes on the "content" element:
minSelections="0" maxSelections="1"

2) Something to indicate the scope of the contest. Ie for what
region of the country does the contest apply. For example some
contests in our example are only county wide, while some are
     proposal: an additional attribute on the "contest" element:
scope="MA" or scope="MA-FRANKLIN"

3) I'd like to have the ballot number indicated by the attribute
ballot_number= rather than simply number= There is additional
clarity and self documentation in this.

4) I really don't like the syntax of the "coupled" attribute as
proposed. With the syntax below it is very difficult to represent
both coupled selection and multiple selections, and this would
preclude voting for president ( coupled) utilizing a systems like IRV
or approval ( multiple selections). I would propose that a
subelement of selection be used as shown below
<contest ordered="No" name="Presidency">
<selection writein="No" >Susan B. Anthony
     <coupled_selection writein="No" name="Vice President">Betsy

Please give these suggestions some thought. I believe there are
valid reasons for each of them.


>- <cast_ballot election_date="2003-11-21" state="MA" county="Franklin"
>number="0751" precinct="2216">
>- <contest ordered="No" coupled="Yes" name="Presidency">
><selection writein="No" name="President">Susan B. Anthony</selection>
><selection writein="No" name="Vice President">Betsy Ross</selection>
>- <contest ordered="No" coupled="No" name="Senator">
><selection writein="No">Jane Addams</selection>
>- <contest ordered="No" coupled="No" name="U.S. Representative">
><selection writein="No">Ignace Paderewski</selection>
>- <contest ordered="No" coupled="No" name="Treasurer">
><selection writein="No">Tom Cosgrove</selection>
>- <contest ordered="No" coupled="No" name="Attorney General">
><selection writein="No">No preference indicated</selection>
>- <contest ordered="No" coupled="No" name="Commis. of Education">
><selection writein="No">Christian Doppler</selection>
>- <contest ordered="No" coupled="No" name="State Senate">
><selection writein="Yes">DONALD DUCK</selection>
>- <contest ordered="No" coupled="No" name="State Assembly">
><selection writein="No">Langston Hughes</selection>
>- <contest ordered="No" coupled="No" name="Transportation Initiative">
><selection writein="No">No</selection>
>- <contest ordered="No" coupled="No" name="Health care initiative">
><selection writein="No">No preference indicated</selection>
>- <contest ordered="No" coupled="No" name="Term limits">
><selection writein="No">Yes</selection>
>- <contest ordered="No" coupled="No" name="Cat Catcher">
><selection writein="No">Oprah Winfrey</selection>
><selection writein="No">Queen Latifah</selection>
>- <contest ordered="Yes" coupled="No" name="County Commissioner">
><selection writein="Yes">GOOFY</selection>
><selection writein="No">Steve Wozniak</selection>
><selection writein="No">Gordon Moore</selection>
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