State Tells Counties to Establish Paper Trail on Electronic Voting

From: Rick Gideon <rick_at_openvoting_dot_org>
Date: Fri Nov 21 2003 - 11:29:30 CST

Here we go.. wonder how this will impact the rest of the country. -rick

By Allison Hoffman and Tim Reiterman, Times Staff Writers
Secretary of State Kevin Shelley is expected to announce today that as of
2006, all electronic voting machines in California must be able to produce
a paper printout that voters can check to make sure their votes are
properly recorded.
Late Thursday evening, Shelley placed calls to county elections officials
around the state to tell them that any voting system that is currently in
use or that is purchased before Jan. 1, 2006, must be modified or replaced
to produce a paper trail. After that date, no county will be allowed to
buy machines that can't make printouts.
None of the electronic voting systems currently in use in the state can
make such a record. Voters who cast ballots using touch-screens, the most
common type of electronic voting machine, are prompted to review their
choices on a confirmation screen, but they have no way of knowing that
those selections are recorded correctly in the microchip "ballot box."
Voter registrars around the state reacted with surprise and anger to the
"I am shocked," said Mischelle Townsend, Riverside County's registrar and
a member of the task force Shelley convened last summer to discuss
electronic voting. "You're talking about millions of dollars of added
expense at a time when we have a fiscal crisis."
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