Re: Vote to rescind touch screen purchase

From: Rick Gideon <rick_at_openvoting_dot_org>
Date: Thu Nov 20 2003 - 14:25:58 CST

> > However, I must say something that will upset a few people. This
> > county is not out of the woods yet; we still have to convince the
> > county election clerk's office not to deploy the free systems she
> > already has been given--the council is a different elected body and
> > while they can deny funds they cannot prevent deployment of free
> > systems. And this is going to be a hard sell because she and her
> > colleagues read the Black Box voting web site and came away with the
> > idea that all of these problems are just some fiction made up by a
> > bunch of wild-eyed, republican-hating, conspiracy theorists. And
> > frankly I dont blame her. While Bev harris has done wonders at
> > collecting data, drawing connections, and motivating a huge ground
> > swell of people against this, she has simultaneously galvanized and
> > polarized the largely conservative, elected officials against
> > listening further. This a serious issue that this movement needs to
> > address. We need more Bevs --she's almost singlehandley got this on
> > the map-- but we also need a parallel effort that is deliberately
> > disassociated with to increase the sobriety of the
> > case against voting.
> >

Well, apparently they didn't read the book, nor have they kept abreast of
the issues facing republicans back east who have filed lawsuits regarding
DRE's. Sounds like they saw the site and once the notion that these voting
company presidents are big GOP backers and there is the real potential for
foul play they figured this was some conspiracy theory. Yes there has been
some polarization, mainly because the people who cannot stand Bush in
office have taken notice, whereas the conservative crowd has been harder
to convince. But they are finally coming around to the realization.

HR2239 is a good example of this, it had 69 Dem co-sponsors until earlier
this week when 6 more co-sponsors were added, *3* of them are republicans.
Hopefully this will get those lawmakers who have said they would back it,
to actually do it, after it got some republicans behind it. They're
starting to wake up and realize that this truely is a non-partisan issue
and that everyones vote is in danger. Afterall, voting is a non-partisan

We just need to use educational contacts to get momentum behind this issue
and the alternative systems such as the one from OVC, as well as any
connections to local, state and federal government. One of whom I will be
mailing shortly about OVC.

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