CA SoS needs public input on BBV.

From: Rick Gideon <rick_at_openvoting_dot_org>
Date: Wed Nov 19 2003 - 11:40:09 CST

>From a forum board, posted by GregD of Even though I'm
not a CA resident, I have emailed SoS Shelley anyway and gave a big plug
to OVC for a system that they need to look into. They are aware of the
problems with BBV, and now they are looking at what their next step is.
This is a great time for them to hear from OVC, so send them an email.

Rick Gideon

We received a report from a volunteer in California that she was contacted
by SoS Kevin Shelly's office. She had written to his office expressing
concern about BBV, and they called her to discuss her concerns.
In the resulting conversation, it was clear that they (CA SoS) are alarmed
about this issue, and feel HAVA timelines breathing down their throats.
They need public input: lots and lots of it.
Some of you may reside in California. Others may know someone in
California. I am asking that Californians concerned about BBV please take
the time to write to the Secretary of State and express your concerns.
If you are not from California, but have friends or family in California,
please ask them to write.
Many of you are already familiar with this issue, and will find it easy to
compose a simple (brief) letter expressing your concerns. Keep in mind
that they already understand the problem, now it's just a political issue
- they need boxes and boxes of mail from Californians demanding a solution
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