Placement XML & DTD for GUI

From: Anand Pillai <anand_pillai_at_fastmail_dot_fm>
Date: Wed Nov 19 2003 - 08:25:40 CST

Hello group

       I have created working copies of the GUI Placement XML
and its DTD.

The measurements for the placement coordinates have
been taken directly from Alan's mockup sample, by measuring each
coordinate by using Irfanview. Some of the names of the elements have
inspired in part (slot & sub_slot) by the architecture document.
The other names are entirely my inventions :-)
     The slots for each candidate are just named "slot". Whenever
one slot is composed of more than one sub-slot, it has elements named
"sub_slot". Each element has a unique id which can be generated by
incrementing a number. This is an implied attribute.

    The 'sub_slot's also have an implied id named 'subslot_id' which
is also an implied attribute. The id will help in programming the GUI
to assign unique names to sub-slots and identifying them. Same goes
for every other element.

    The default layout for the radio buttons for each slot is a
horizontal layout. A vertical layout is used in the last slot in
the mockup, so there is an attribute named "radio_type" which takes
two values, "vert" and "horiz". The default is of course horizontal

   Each element has an x, y attribute which can take an absolute
value (for most) and a relative value (sub-slots for example). The
relative value means that this element will begin where the one before
it ends. (This means that we need to have scrollbars for the subslots
which tend to exceed their allowed space, so that they can be viewed
fully). I have assigned a width and height attributes to some of the
elements, though the width attribute is kind of redundant for some of
the elements that always occupy a fixed width.

  I have assigned a fixed position to the PRINT button. This means
that the elements preceeding it will be adjusted accordingly. I think
this is needed since the print button is an important part of the

  I need to redo the style xml to sync it with the placement xml since
there are common elements between both that need to be shared.

Please mail your comments on this. I will be using this to code
the GUI once the final version is decided perhaps after a few




  Anand Pillai
-- - Or how I learned to stop worrying and
                          love email again

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