Re: EVM2003 Status Report(s)

From: Anand Pillai <anand_pillai_at_fastmail_dot_fm>
Date: Fri Nov 14 2003 - 01:19:05 CST

Hello Group,

      I have refactored Jan's code to create some classes
and to use python style template strings in printing the
Postscript file.

A list of changes.

1. The earlier PaperBallot function is now a PaperBallot class
   with attributes to create a post-script file from the
   passed vote xml file.
2. The class has attributes(methods) to get a postscript string
   from the xml file, write it, make a ballot etc. The ballot
   object is also an attribute of the PaperBallot class.
3. The Postscript string (the big one) has been converted to
   a python-style template string which works with dictionaries.
   This is a better style rather than using string concatenations.

I tested the code to see whether it actually produces a valid
PS file and it does. I can view it in Aladdin Ghostview latest version
without problems.

These modifications will help me in writing the Voting GUI, since
having the code encapsulated in a class will make the code more
object oriented and fit to the MVC paradigm that I will use in the
GUI code.

I am attaching the whole code in a zip file, along with the
sample and the xml file.

As I suggested earlier, it is a good idea to upload this zip file also
to the CVS repository, rather than having to download them separately
from the CVS tree.

I am sending the code to Jan and Matt in a separate mail. I am forced
to do this, since I dont have CVS access.

Jan, could you review this code?


-Anand Pillai

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From: "Matt Shomphe" <>
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2003 19:37:24 -0800
Subject: Re: [voting-project] EVM2003 Status Report(s)

Qa is kind of not there. I only have Jan's code to work with and zero
documentation. I don't even know how to properly use the existing code.
Without documentation, I don't know what to test.

For an overall plan I would like the following:
(1) Some documentation on:
a. What code should be used (filenames)
b. What's the expected behavior
c. hardware/software needs
         i. What hardware/software does the code require (OS, cuecat,
(2) A set of acceptance critera
a. This means what is necessary for passing QA. -- I'm willing to work
Alan or someone else on this.
(3) I need to know who should get assigned what bugs.

This doesn't have to be extensive; these are the basic things I need to
complete my task.

At 11:57 AM 11/12/2003 -0800, you wrote:
>Read the news, folks. The stage is being set for us. It's time for us to
>push for getting the demo together.
>I think we should take inventory of where we're at right now with the
>project. Some have asked for a schedule or timeline ("roadmap" as Anand
>says), but we haven't quite been in a position to put that together. We may
>be reaching a point where we can and need to lay this out.
>I want to shoot for a demo in about 4 weeks from now. To do this, we'd need
>to reach Alpha in about 2 weeks, I think. "Alpha" in my mind means "feature
>complete." That is, we want to have all the components in place -- maybe
>with some issues but the basic functionality needs to be there. Then we can
>spend the following two weeks to work out the kinks -- reaching maybe Beta
>quality just before the demo. It doesn't have to be perfect but, as much as
>possible, we need to identify bugs so we can steer around them if we don't
>have time to fix all of them.
>To see if this is feasible, we need to go over what all we're doing. Let's
>have a look at all the tasks and see who is doing what, and see if there are
>gaps to be filled. It looks like we are following the 80/20 rule: that is,
>in any group, about 20 percent of the people do about 80 percent of the
>work. This is normal and to be expected. We now have about 30
>voting-project list members, 20 percent of which would equal about 6 people.
>You probably know if you're one of the six or not ... actually, I guess
>there are about 9 that have taken some leadership roles, namely, Jan,
>Arthur, David, Arnie, Chris, Charles, Matt, Lori (my wife), and me. In our
>case, there is quite a bit of stratification within the six or so -- Jan is
>doing about half the work. We need to get Jan some help.
>We very much appreciate the contributions of all voting-project members, but
>I've got to say it: it's time to fish, cut bait, or swim to shore.
>Jan has taken the lead on this important task. He has finished the ballot
>printing function. Jan: please provide a status report on this. You
>mentioned that you need some help. What specifically do you need help with?
>All: please see what you can do to help Jan.
>This is another very important must-have requirement. Anand was working on
>this. David, what's the status? This software will also use Jan's ballot
>printing function -- so at least this part is done.
>BVA (Bar Code Vocalization)
>I have taken responsibility for this. I estimate that what I already posted
>is alpha quality. I have since made revisions, and I think what I have is
>beta quality. I will post this to SourceForge shortly. Chris and Jan have
>toyed with their own versions of BVA and this is fine -- especially since
>Jan can use some of his BVA code for the Vision Impaired Interface. I plan
>to use my version for the scanning station that will be used during the
>Jan has an alpha version of this already. We need to have a better GUI
>ballot interface. Will we be able to use some of the code from the
>standalone GUI ballot interface? Has someone taken responsibility for this?
>Jan? David? Please clarify.
>Arnie Urken has taken the lead on this. Chris Schaefer is helping. Where
>are we with this? Can we see something soon? Do you need help?
>We need some handouts to give to people in the media (and others) that will
>attend the demo. Some of the topics covered:
>- Economics -- us versus them
>- Explanation of voter verification -- why we have it and the DREs don't
>What else? I don't think we have anyone assigned to this task. Any takers?
>Arthur Keller has taken responsibility for this. We need equipment and
>space for the demo. Tables, chairs, computers, etc. Probably we need to
>build some cradle to hold the monitor in a horizontal position. We need
>press releases sent out. I have made a contact with a touchscreen panel
>maker and it looks like they will send us one after Comdex (ends Nov 20)
>that we can use for 30 days. I also have one or two PCs to lend to the
>demo. I think we need five (two voting machines with monitors, scanning
>station (need headphones), tabulation demonstration, vision-impaired set up
>(need headphones). What else, Arthur? Arthur could probably use some help
>from people in the Palo Alto area. Chris and Ed are there. Anyone else?
>Matt, we need a plan for alpha and beta. At this point, it can't be
>elaborate but we need to be sure you are on top of this. You have been busy
>and maybe you need help. Report please?
>I think this part is under control. The Open Voting Consortium is the
>organization that will be conducting the demo. I think it needs to actually
>exist as a legal entity by then. Lori has taken the lead in getting this
>done. Report? Charles Cleveland has taken the lead with the OVC web site.
>It's there but could use a little more work. Charles? Do you need help?
>Testers? Feedback?
>Please, if you are one of the leads, send a report to the list ASAP! If you
>are on the voting-project list but not really working on a specific task,
>it's time to look for a spot where you can help. Please speak up! I want
>to pull all of this information together by the end of this week.
>-- Alan Dechert 916-791-0456

  Anand Pillai
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