Re: EVM2003 Status Report(s)

From: Lori Dechert <lori_at_openvotingconsortium_dot_org>
Date: Thu Nov 13 2003 - 21:20:31 CST

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> I think this part is under control. The Open Voting Consortium is the
> organization that will be conducting the demo. I think it needs to
> exist as a legal entity by then. Lori has taken the lead in getting this
> done. Report?
After researching updated information on the formation of consortia, I
discussed the incorporation of the OVC with several attorneys and nonprofit
organization contacts. It seems the appropriate filing would be a nonprofit
Mutual Benefit Corporation with Internal Revenue Code Section501(c)(6)

In a recent conversation with attorney Robert Hunt, he highlighted some of
the complexities of forming a nonprofit such as ours, relative to securing
and maintaining tax exempt status. He is also the Director of McGeorge
School of Law Business Clinic and referred us to third year law student
William Hovsepyan for incorporation, tax status, and collaboration on

Under Professor Hunt's supervision, the articles of incorporation should be
ready to file next week. Bylaws and the application for tax exempt status
will be completed after incorporation. We should have bylaws prepared for
review in January. Your input is encouraged as we draft a more complete
mission statement and bylaws. Drafts of these documents will be on the OVC
website. Thank you.

Lori Dechert
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