Re: EVM2003 Status Report(s)

From: Jan Karrman <jan_at_it_dot_uu_dot_se>
Date: Thu Nov 13 2003 - 07:31:04 CST

On Thu, 13 Nov 2003, Anand Pillai wrote:

> Hello Jan
> I downloaded your code from the evm website, namely
> the file. It seems to contain many wav files
> and two exe files, but there is no python source code.

No, that's Alan's Barcode Vocalization Application. You should
do a cvs checkout to get my code. I don't know what platform you
are using, but under Unix/Linux you should do something like:

export CVS_RSH=ssh
cvs -z3 checkout src

to check out the code for possible modification, or

cvs -z3 checkout src

for anonymous download.

I have yet to write some better installation instructions, but you can
find some in

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