Re: Navigation system proposal -- Vision Impaired Interface

From: Alan Dechert <alan_at_openvotingconsortium_dot_org>
Date: Thu Nov 13 2003 - 00:34:33 CST

Hi Cory,

Thanks for writing.

Here is a description of what I proposed. Jan liked this proposal so I
believe this is the way we're going with this part:

The archives are here (thanks to David Mertz):

Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Alan D.

> Hello everyone,
> I'm a former student of Arthur Keller at UC Santa Cruz. He added me to
> the list to assist with the vision impaired interface. While I am not
> visually impaired myself, I have several years experience working with
> software programs designed for visually impaired people, which might
> help you. I am also a programmer. (I'm not really sure how well my
> programming skills will help)
> If there is an archive for this mailing list, I'd be happy to look over
> it to find out the start of this topic and play catch-up. Otherwise I
> would really appreciate a quick overview of the approach taken to the
> visually impaired interface, so that I might be of some assistance.
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