Re: Navigation system proposal -- Vision Impaired Interface

From: Cory Hamma <evm_at_wabbiter_dot_com>
Date: Wed Nov 12 2003 - 21:27:31 CST

Hello everyone,

I'm a former student of Arthur Keller at UC Santa Cruz. He added me to
the list to assist with the vision impaired interface. While I am not
visually impaired myself, I have several years experience working with
software programs designed for visually impaired people, which might
help you. I am also a programmer. (I'm not really sure how well my
programming skills will help)

If there is an archive for this mailing list, I'd be happy to look over
it to find out the start of this topic and play catch-up. Otherwise I
would really appreciate a quick overview of the approach taken to the
visually impaired interface, so that I might be of some assistance.


Jan Karrman wrote:
> On Sat, 8 Nov 2003, Alan Dechert wrote:
>>Good. I guess all we need is a few days of bad weather in Sweden and you'll
>>have it all done. Right?
> I can start working on this; I'll probably need more help with this
> than with the paper ballot, though.
> The weather here will probably be helpful towards the project...
> /Jan
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