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From: Chris Schaefer <evm_at_1reality_dot_org>
Date: Thu Nov 06 2003 - 13:22:51 CST

Dang and I'm just in the testing stages of some IRV software I wrote
... I should have been more lazy.

I'll definitely check this out.


>I got this email this morning. My impression is that this is a curiosity
>that probably has little if anything of interest. I just spoke with Steve
>Willett of Voting Solutions, LLC.
>They have some tabulation software written in Java (no front end at all).
>Steve says it's been used for local elections in Cambridge Mass -- nowhere
>else in public elections. They are planning to throw it out to the public
>in case anyone finds it useful.
>Steve says they have a "lite" version of the software available for try-out
>on their website. Go to "Products" at
>This might be of interest to Arnie Urken and Chris Schaefer who are working
>on the tabulation demo. Maybe there is some idea there that would be
>Note that their "plans to release ChoicePlus Pro ." It doesn't even sound
>they're too sure about that.
>This is probably mostly noise but it does hint that some people are starting
>to think about open software for public elections.
>Alan D.
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>Subject: IRV software to open source
>Voting Solutions to release voting software under open license
>Oakland, CA---November 3, 2003--- Voting Solutions, LLC, in association
>with The Center for Voting and Democracy (CVD), announced its plans to
>release ChoicePlus Pro under an open source license and development
>ChoicePlus Pro is used to process ballot data for alternative forms of
>elections, such as Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) and Choice Voting, also
>known as Single Transferable Voting (STV). Current users of the software
>include: the City of Cambridge, MA, for its City Council and School
>Committee elections; the Pacifica Foundation, for the board elections of
>its public radio stations; the Fonterra Dairy Cooperative of New
>the country's largest dairy producing enterprise, for its governing
>and a number of other corporations and organizations for their
>ChoicePlus Pro has been distributed as proprietary commercial software
>Voting Solutions. However, due to increasing alarm concerning the
>accuracy, security, and transparency of a wide variety of proprietary
>commercial software and election systems used for public elections,
>Solutions believes that the lack of a well developed, tested,
>package for processing elections is hindering the adoption of much
>election reforms.
>"The accuracy of our elections as well as a number of meaningful
>reforms, including instant runoff voting and full representation, can be
>greatly enhanced with the use of computers and electronic processing of
>ballots," explained Rob Richie, executive director of the Center for
>and Democracy (, a national nonpartisan, non-profit
>organization promoting fair elections where every vote counts and all
>voters are represented. "With our partnership on this open source
>we intend to make publicly available software to count ranked ballot
>elections and to establish a new standard for transparency and
>integrity in
>election software."
>"We believe that a project like this will succeed if it is supported by
>large group of dedicated programmers," noted Jim Lindsay, chief
>of ChoicePlus Pro (aka PR Master) and CTO of Voting Solutions. "An
>open-source programming project such as this can bring together
>from around the world who support election reform and have the
>to release this software under open license and document and support the
>product for maximum public benefit."
>Interested parties can learn more about this project by visiting
> or by contacting:
>Caleb Kleppner, Center for Voting and Democracy
>Steve Willett, Voting Solutions, LLC
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