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From: Andrew <imthesponge_at_hotmail_dot_com>
Date: Sun Nov 02 2003 - 23:58:56 CST

Would it be possible to have different catergories so one wouldn't have to
cycle through as many contests to get to a desired one? It could be made to
not complicate things too much for people who want to vote in order. By
default it would start from the top, so after the instructions it would say
"press down for federal contests, or press left or right to select another
catergory" and after one category is completed then it would ask to select
the next one. I'm just wondering if it could somehow be integrated and what
everyone else thinks.

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Subject: [voting-project] Navigation system proposal -- Vision Impaired

> This is a proposal for how the vision-impaired interface would work for
> demo.
> This is intended for voters that have the ability to,
> - Hear and understand spoken instructions
> - Use the arrow keys on a standard 101 PC keyboard
> - Pick up a piece of paper from the printer and place the paper in a
> folder
> For the demo, we won't be able to address issues for people with
> disabilities beyond this. We should probably have some statistics to show
> what percentage of the disabled community this covers and state that other
> interfaces will be explored when the production software is developed.
> There would be three basic levels: instructions, contests, and choices.
> Contests and choices would consist of lists. Each contest has an
> introduction and a detail list. After all the contests have been covered,
> we go to confirmation/correction mode.
> The arrow keys would function something like this:
> Up arrow: like the Esc key; abandon, go up one level
> Dn arrow: like the Enter key; select,
> Left and Right arrows: skip through the list left or right
> It would actually be possible to cast a ballot using only the Dn arrow
> (select). In other words, you finish the instructions by hitting select.
> Then you'd go straight to the first contest. You finish the first contest
> by hitting select when you hear the desired choice. This would take you
> automatically to the next contest and so on. After the last contest, you
> review the selections made. If okay, hit select again to print the
> There would be a quick list and a slow list. The quick list is to
> all the choices. The slow list is where the voter would pick the desired
> choice (by hitting down arrow). But there would be no need for a quick
> on yes/no contests.
> The instructions would go something like this:
> ***********
> To vote, you will print your ballot and place it in the privacy folder.
> Please locate the arrow keys on the keyboard and press a key.
> [at this point, give some feedback like, "no, that's the End key. The
> keys are below that one." Or, "no, that's the Shift key. The arrow keys
> to the right." or "yes, that's the down arrow. Now press the Up arrow."
> so on.. until they've located all the arrow keys. ]
> Good! Now locate the privacy folder. If you do not have a privacy
> please ask a pollworker for one now. Press the down arrow to continue
> you have located your privacy folder.
> Before printing your ballot, we have to cover three subjects: the
> instructions, the contests, and the choices. When you are done with the
> instructions, press the down arrow to go to the contests. If you want to
> back to the instructions, press the up arrow.
> We will go over each contest one-by-one. The contest will be described
> the choices listed so you will hear all of them. Then the choices will be
> listed slowly. When you hear the choice you want, hit the down arrow to
> select.
> When the lists of contests and choices are being read, you can skip ahead
> go back with the right or left arrows.
> Hit the down arrow to go to the contests, or hit the up arrow to hear the
> instructions again.
> The candidates are ...
> [read the list of candidates quickly (introduction). At this point,
> the up arrow would go back to the instructions; the down arrow would skip
> the quick list and go to the slow list (detail list); the right arrow
> skip this contest and go to the next one; the left arrow would go to the
> last contest. If the slow list is read but no selection made or if the
> or right arrow is hit during the introduction, we say, "No preference was
> indicated for President and Vice President" (whatever contest) then the
> contest is introduced. ]
> [After all the contests have been covered, were in confirmation/correction
> mode. At this point, the voter can print the ballot after hearing all the
> selections read back or can go back to change]
> Please listen to the selections you have made. [read selections like with
> bva]. If the ballot is the way you want it, hit the down arrow to print.
> If you want to make changes, hit the right arrow or the left arrow to go
> the contest you want to change.
> ***********
> Comments please.
> -- Alan Dechert 916-791-0456
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