Re: Another question: do we want machine-marked ballots for everybody?

From: Arthur Keller <voting_at_kellers_dot_org>
Date: Tue May 26 2009 - 13:32:27 CDT

At least in Santa Clara County, California, sign in logs (known as
the Roster Index) are sorted alphabetically. But this is another
argument against electronic pollbooks, which presumably could (or
would) maintain time and date data on when the voter appeared at the
polls (if only in some kind of log).

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At 10:06 AM -0700 5/26/09, Ronald Crane wrote:
>Arthur Keller wrote:
>>At 6:45 PM -0700 5/25/09, Joe wrote:
>>>How about instead of machine marks, you have two poll workers thumb
>>>print each official ballot so there is a wet ink print. This would
>>>authenticate the document beyond question.
>>>maybe you could have a timestamp below the thumbprint.
>>Joe, ballots are supposed to be anonymous (not traceable to an
>>individual), except for provisional ballots in limited
>>circumstances. Once it is determined a vote-by-mail ballot is to be
>>counted, it should be removed from the envelope without examination
>>and placed in a pile of ballots to be processed.
>>Also recording the order in which voters appear is considered
>>illegal in many jurisdictions.
>The pollworkers' thumbprints don't violate voters' anonymity, and
>they provide less information about sequencing than some other
>voting mechanisms. Ballot boxes implicitly preserve pretty
>fine-grained sequence information, and e-voting machines can (and
>most probably do) preserve absolute sequence information via
>internal timestamps. Also, sign-in logs preserve sequence
>information, which can then be correlated with ballots to determine
>pretty clearly who voted which ballot.
>The proposed timestamps, on the other hand, provide too much
>sequencing information.

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