Re: Can we talk details about adding Humboldt-style scanning to the OVC project?

From: Arthur Keller <voting_at_kellers_dot_org>
Date: Mon May 25 2009 - 14:07:51 CDT

My preference is to scan and publish the ballot at point of entry
into the system. For regular in-precinct ballots, that's at the
precinct. For vote-by-mail ballots (including those dropped off at
the polls) and for provisionals, that's centrally.

If we can figure out how to get it done at reasonable cost, I'd like
the precinct-based optical scanners to affix tracking numbers, as
well as the central scanners.

I can also see procedures where vote-by-mail voters can go to an
Internet site and print a paper ballot with the voters selections
customized to the voter's home precinct. The ballot would then be
mailed in with all the necessary signatures the usual way. But the
ballot would be counted last and treated as a provisional ballot,
because there is the potential for duplicate ballots being mailed
that way, as well as regular vote-by-mail ballots and/or in-precinct
ballots. I think that this approach can reduce the delays for
overseas and military voters, but in a safe manner. I do believe all
such ballots must be received by the close of the polls in election
day, as is the case for any ballot in California.

(Late ballots reminds me of the joke: )

Best regards,

At 10:30 AM -0700 5/25/09, Jim March wrote:
>Arthur, what's your thoughts on precinct-scanning (graphical scans
>that is) versus taking precinct ballots back to be centrally counted?
>There's obviously merit both ways. Chain of custody is better
>protected doing it at the precinct, at a moderate (sub-$300) hardware
>cost and (arguably) a bit more pollworker complexity.
>Doing it centrally, we can get ID stamps put on them as they're scanned.

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