Re: Voting with digital pen

From: Charlie Strauss <cems_at_earthlink_dot_net>
Date: Mon May 21 2007 - 11:18:34 CDT

Y'know OVC should VERY seriously consider this pen idea.

Here's a thought on how this could be incorporated into the OVC

1) user marks a conventional paper ballot with the electronic pen.
2) user then runs the edge of the ballot through an edge marker like
you see in all the super markets check out counters when they process
a paper check. (it bar codes the check)

3) user can, if worried, rescan the bar code to see what's there.

4) user deposits the ballot or discards it.

this retains most of the virtues of the OVC system while gaining the
virtues of the paper ballot.
e.g. visually parallel rather than serial access to marking the races.

it could be used along side the regular touchscreen OVC system,
though of course there would be noticeable differences in the ballots
produced by the hand and printed methods--would not be worse than the
status quo using automarks for handicap access.

The major stumble might be the added step of having the user edge
mark the ballot. What if they skipped that step? Well this is not
really a crisis because in the OVC system the election judges do a
hand scan of all the ballots. Any that are not edgemarked could be
marked after the fact then scanned. (and it would be even harder for
the judges to "cheat" since any ballot they create must pair with one
stored in the pen, just like the current OVC system does in the
reconciliation step).

Lastly if recounts are to be done one could also use the original
marked squares to do the recounts since they are encoded for easy

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