View from New Hampshire Democracy & Voting: Secretary of State Gardner; Asst Secretary of State Stevens; Citizen Activist Nancy Tobi

From: Nancy Tobi <nancy_dot_tobi_at_gmail_dot_com>
Date: Wed May 16 2007 - 13:33:46 CDT

 * From the Live Free or Die State*
*The Honorable William Gardner, Secretary of State of New Hampshire;
Assistant Secretary of State, Anthony Stevens and Voting Rights Activist,
Nancy Tobi *
* Speak Out on Challenges Facing Democracy & Elections*
 *"VOICE of the VOTERS!"*
*"Power and Responsibility of Democracy"*

*Wednesday, May 16, 8-9 PM Eastern
1360 AM Philadelphia's Renaissance Station*

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 "Maybe people elsewhere trust machines more than they trust humans, but
that would be totally out of the question here," said *Secretary of State
Bill Gardner,* one of the longest-serving elections officials in the
country. "I'm aghast that other places are considering touch-screen
computers." (2004<>

"People in other states talk about the unbelievable burden of recounts,"
said *Anthony Stevens*<>,
New Hampshire's assistant secretary of state. "They don't realize the cost
of restoring legitimacy is far greater than the cost of maintaining it."

"New Hampshire may not be perfect," [Stanford University computer scientist
David] Dill<>said.
"But if every state were as good as New Hampshire, we'd be pretty
confident in our elections, and the computer scientists might not be so up
in arms."


New Hampshire citizens vote with voter-marked ballots which are counted by
optical scan machines or by hand. Tune in to *Voice of the Voters* this
Wednesday, May 16 at 8PM ET to find out what the rest of the country can
learn from New Hampshire when it comes to accurate elections, bi-partisan
cooperation and grassroots involvement in the political process.

Special guest, Secretary Bill Gardner, is nicknamed "the Dean" in honor of
both the esteem in which he is held by his colleagues across the country as
well as the length of his service as Secretary of State. Hear Mr. Gardner
and his Assistant Secretary of State, Anthony Stevens, answer the following

   How does the New Hampshire presidential primary, the first in the
   nation, reflect the principles of democracy?

   What does democracy really mean? And what are the elements that
   create, maintain and sustain democracy and grassroots involvement in

   Are we in danger of losing our democracy? If so, why and what must be
   done to save it?

   How would New Hampshire be affected by the passage of H.R. 811, Voter
   Confidence and Increased Accessibility Act of 2007?

   What was New Hampshire's experience with Danaher voting machines?

   New Hampshire was asked to be a pilot program for the "REAL ID" Act?
   What happened with that? Experience learn result?

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