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From: Ginny Ross <ginnypdx_at_comcast_dot_net>
Date: Tue May 23 2006 - 14:17:47 CDT

It hasn't been a problem here. Offering something for a person's ballot
is a felony I believe. Give a person a stamp to mail their ballot with
and you can get in serious trouble. Not sure of the penalties here, but
giving someone a scotch for their ballot would probably land you in the


Richard C. Johnson wrote:

> Is there any control on voting parties where the political bosses
> station open casks of booze and pass out cash for the absentee ballot
> of attendees drawn by the money and liquor? This is a very old
> American tradition and is very popular in many states.
> -- Dick
> */Ginny Ross <>/* wrote:
> Holy smokes it's hard to keep up with this amazing group!
> I am a lurker, here to keep an ear to the ground on your Open
> Source efforts. I think Oregon would be a strong ally in your
> efforts because we have a strong open source community. We are
> working toward that. I am with the Oregon Voter Rights Coalition,
> and we are trying to do the 'first thing first' with limited
> resources. OS software for our scanners is high on the list, but
> first we have to institute a verification program for the optiscan
> election results, so that's consuming all our time.
> But I can answer your question about Oregon's Vote By Mail. Since
> our elections are 100% VBM, everyone has become familiar with the
> rules and they apply to everyone. A ballot simply must be
> *received* at ones county Election Division on or before election
> day by 8pm in order to be valid. No exceptions, and the postmark
> doesn't do it. Not sure how this rule came about but it is
> something everyone has come to accept.
> We have "ballot drop off" sites for anyone to use when we get
> within 3 or 4 days of the election date. We even have a cool GOTV
> effort called "Trick or Vote" where hundreds of people go out and
> collect people's ballots by knocking on doors on Halloween. Since
> Halloween is almost always too late for people to mail it in, it's
> a fun way to get ballots that would otherwise be wasted or not
> turned in. (Granted, it's hard to get ballots wearing a Cheney
> mask, so we have to pick our costumes wisely :-))
> I hope this helps. From now on if anyone has an Oregon question,
> you might want to put /'Oregon question alert'/ in the subject
> line or we might miss it! :-)
> Thanks,
> Ginny Ross
> Arthur Keller wrote:
>>At 10:02 AM -0700 5/23/06, Edmund R. Kennedy wrote:
>>>OK. How does Oregon and Washington State deal with this issue? Absentee and vote by mail are very popular means of voting there. Again, I argue that vote by mail/absentee voting is better than using a non vvpat voting machine. I notice that all of you have avoided that argument. Thanks, Ed Kennedy
>> I agree, and that's why many paper ballot activists recommend using
>> absentee ballots. Doesn't solve all the problems, though. Best regards, Arthur
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Its hard to get a man to understand something when his salary
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