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From: Ginny Ross <ginnypdx_at_comcast_dot_net>
Date: Tue May 23 2006 - 13:46:34 CDT

Holy smokes it's hard to keep up with this amazing group!

I am a lurker, here to keep an ear to the ground on your Open Source
efforts. I think Oregon would be a strong ally in your efforts because
we have a strong open source community. We are working toward that. I
am with the Oregon Voter Rights Coalition, and we are trying to do the
'first thing first' with limited resources. OS software for our
scanners is high on the list, but first we have to institute a
verification program for the optiscan election results, so that's
consuming all our time.

But I can answer your question about Oregon's Vote By Mail. Since our
elections are 100% VBM, everyone has become familiar with the rules and
they apply to everyone. A ballot simply must be *received* at ones
county Election Division on or before election day by 8pm in order to be
valid. No exceptions, and the postmark doesn't do it. Not sure how
this rule came about but it is something everyone has come to accept.

We have "ballot drop off" sites for anyone to use when we get within 3
or 4 days of the election date. We even have a cool GOTV effort called
"Trick or Vote" where hundreds of people go out and collect people's
ballots by knocking on doors on Halloween. Since Halloween is almost
always too late for people to mail it in, it's a fun way to get ballots
that would otherwise be wasted or not turned in. (Granted, it's hard to
get ballots wearing a Cheney mask, so we have to pick our costumes
wisely :-))

I hope this helps. From now on if anyone has an Oregon question, you
might want to put /'Oregon question alert'/ in the subject line or we
might miss it! :-)


Ginny Ross

Arthur Keller wrote:

>At 10:02 AM -0700 5/23/06, Edmund R. Kennedy wrote:
>>OK. How does Oregon and Washington State deal with
>>this issue? Absentee and vote by mail are very
>>popular means of voting there.
>>Again, I argue that vote by mail/absentee voting is
>>better than using a non vvpat voting machine. I
>>notice that all of you have avoided that argument.
>>Thanks, Ed Kennedy
>I agree, and that's why many paper ballot activists recommend using
>absentee ballots. Doesn't solve all the problems, though.
>Best regards,

Ginny Ross
"It's hard to get a man to understand something when his salary
depends upon his not understanding."
~ Upton Sinclair

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