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From: Richard C. Johnson <dick_at_iwwco_dot_com>
Date: Tue May 23 2006 - 12:10:20 CDT

  The iterated absentee voting in Denmark would only work where the unopened ballots were stored by absentee voter and time of voting. Opening the ballot from a known voter must be part of a one-time process that destroys information about the voter; otherwise, it is not a private voting process.
  The other issue, of course, is the need for supervised administration of absentee voting. Better to have the absentee voter vote at any approved location (such as a post office) where the "unopened" ballots (paper with or without electronic version) could be sent back to local voting authorities in advance of the election. Then, the absentee ballots could be vetted as per registered voter and the unobserved ballots (now indistinguishable as to voter) forwarded to appropriate counting and tabulation processes.
  Absentee voting remains to be understood as a source of corruption (voting parties where we all fill out our absentee ballots for the ward heelers to mail in while we enjoy the booze and cashing being handed out). In civilized Europe, people vote over the internet, the phone, and every sort of communication. I suggest that we in the US are not sufficiently civilized for any but poll-watched, supervised voting. A better means of absentee ballots needs to be developed, and supervision is one of the key requirements. IMHO.
  -- Dick
Jan Karrman <> wrote:
  Alan Dechert wrote:
> Besides that, early voting, which vote by mail encourages, is a problem. In
> a radio program I was on last week, Jill LaVine, Registrar for Sacramento
> County, said that voters sometimes call and say they want to change their
> vote. They voted early but by Election Day they changed their mind.

Here in Sweden it is possible to change your mind, after making an
absentee vote, by voting at the polling place. I believe I have heard
that in Denmark you may change your mind any number of times by sendng
new absentee votes...

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