Re: Why I am a Poll Worker

From: Alan Dechert <dechert_at_gmail_dot_com>
Date: Tue May 23 2006 - 12:07:44 CDT

> Voting by mail is vastly superior to voting on a
> Diebold TsX. It routinely and successfully done in
> both Oregon and Washington State. Besides, any minor
> fraud falls under the 'retail' fraud classification.
> I believe that OVC has decided generally to address
> 'wholesale' voting fraud and ignore trivial matters
> until later.
Another thing about that ...

If you went for the google search I suggested earlier, you may have run
across this one:
... which, btw, is a case in Washington State.

Working the elderly voters' absentee ballots is routine and widespread.
It's somewhat difficult to get politicians behind cleaning this up because
both parties do it. They're just assisting elderly folks to vote!

Did you follow the hearings in Florida in 2000? Silly me, I was surprised
to learn that party workers are allowed to handle absentee ballot requests.
It was clear from the hearings that party officials from one party (let's
just say it wasn't the Green Party) were working the absentee vote very very
heavily. In one case, party workers were allowed into the registrar's
office (don't remember which county) to access voter roles in order to
"correct" some absentee ballot request forms.

How many of those absentee ballot requests being handled by party workers in
Florida 2000 were for older folks needing assistance? Do you suppose that
party workers handling absentee ballot requests returned to visit the
absentee voters once the ballots arrived? How many votes do you think a
political party could grab that way? Enough to swing a presidential
election, I'd guess.

It's not a trivial problem.

Should party workers be allowed to handle absentee ballot requests? What
about PAVs? Do we assume that ten years after a 70 year old is given PAV
status, they're still competent? Who's tracking elderly absentee voters
more? Political parties or election officials?

Alan D.

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