Re: Why I am a poll worker.

From: Richard Dawson <rcdawson_at_att_dot_net>
Date: Sat May 20 2006 - 23:03:45 CDT

Good point.......

I have a passionate interest in this open voting business, both because I have
strong political beliefs and because I am enamored with the concept of open
source software. I think that elections are a prime example of how
governments and citizens can benefit by adopting open source.

It seems an obvious choice for voting machines. Once proven there, I would
expect government to start looking at other applications as well.

Of course, as a non-programmer my fascination with open source is somewhat
abstract, and so, as a non-precinct worker, is my conviction that open source
belongs in voting machines. I should probably learn a bit about programming
and volunteer as a precinct worker.

Richard Dawson
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