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      Here are the facts that you can pass on to David so he can pass them
on to the OVC list, if he wants. This information is from my contact:

First of all he needs to realize that there were not any standards for
ballot marking devices before AutoMARK came to certification. Secondly,
Wylie Labs shut down certifying voting equipment in November so AutoMARK had
to start from scratch at Sytest. Considering how long it takes to certify
and that they basically had every test possible applied to the ballot
marking device, the machine is much more robust than when they started
certification. In addition, it has passed the most stringent of tests in
the 2002 standards. They don't think many systems can say that at this
point. Until the DREs start printing braille receipts, there is no other
system that can provide true "accessible verification" as does the AutoMARK.

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