Lord - please don't let the election be close

From: David Webber \(XML\) <"David>
Date: Wed May 25 2005 - 12:35:47 CDT

This is the biggest single factor driving the TLV approach
requiring a 100% ballot scan and reconciliation of totals
between 3 trusted sources.

It's no good - after the polls close - discovering you need
to do this - is has to built-in to the system up front.

The ACM research that shows that in a close race -
descrepancies of just one vote per DRE per polling station
is enough to carry a state wide election - proves how tight
the crosschecking has to be.

Auditing a few individual sites just does not cut it.


p.s. I love the local New Mexico county experience - and
      this shows how you need to be sensitive to local practice.
      I understand how the local towns folk love their clerk so
     much - they feel compelled to vote for him over and over,
     just to make sure their vote really was counted - afterall
     on a DRE you have know idea what's happening behind
     that shiny computer display.... Billy - you better bin dun
     yur vote agin - jus make sure boy - I don't want you
     makin no mustakes ; -) We can program around that!
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