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Thanks for these insights.

It is very difficult to get independent verification in
this industry.

And then the marketing hype wants to sell anything -
even when its only little more than a concept demonstrator!!

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> The automark is a wondeful concept but at the present time somewhat
> roughly implemented. I have high hopes for the second generation.
> One of the reasons that it has not been pushed I think is not a major
> conspiracy but because the first units had major problems anc coul
> dnot pass the ITA and FCC requirements. It was only approved by
> NASED about a month ago despite being sumbitted long long ago.
> The first one flunked (according to the ES&S reps I spoke to) flunked
> it's FCC emmissions test. In my encounter with one I found the
> interface is clumsy, balky and slow to move from page to page. The
> text can overfill the screen and in my experience if prone to
> crashing. On the other hand the concept is among the best ways of
> rescuing optical scan and I think the next generation of these will
> likely be quite good. However I dont see how they justify the price
> and I suspect they could be undercut by a simple ballot on demand
> type system that printed the ballots directly. It does have audio
> capability, high contrast, brail, sip-puff and jacks for different
> size headphone plugs.

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