"Unbelievers are departing"

From: Marty Schrader <marty_at_parsecsystemsinc_dot_com>
Date: Mon May 23 2005 - 23:11:56 CDT



Now I am accused of being "indifferent to preventing fraud" and "chucking anonymity out the window" and being "absurd" -- among other things. I wanted to get some brainstorming going so that certain technical features could be examined on their own merits without injecting a boatload of baggage from old discussions and preconceived notions. No such luck.


You folks seem to be either completely misinterpreting me or purposefully misunderstanding what I am trying to say. For instance, I never once tried to say that a voter's identity -- and thereby, the secrecy of his vote -- should be compromised by publishing the identity of the voter. What I said was the voter needs a mechanism to verify that his vote was recorded properly by a means whereby *only he* can identify that particular ballot.


Actually, I never wanted to discuss operations much at all. I was only interested in the technical aspects of the voting system. I didn't want to discuss law or illegal activity or law enforcement or the current sad state of affairs. I wanted to work on hardware, software, and C & C design. (Unfortunately the project has been and continues to be an organizational mess.) I wanted to discuss the pluses and minuses of various technical artifacts of the voting system without the emotional loading and rancor that certain people insist on bringing to this forum. Sadly, I can not do that.


Edward Cherlin said, "Unbelievers are allowed to depart." Okay. I fully agree. I don't seem to be a believer in whatever Kool-Aid Kult you guys are putting together here. Therefore I will take my leave now. Sorry that I couldn't contribute to the creation of a voting machine that might become part of the solution. However, the crap I am collecting from other participants on this list indicates to me that there would never be a working relationship among the participants anyway. Save for a choice few, folks here have no grasp of the separation of duties involved in a project of this scope. They want to stake out their own little kingdom and defend it to the death against all comers.


You can have it.


This message acts as my official request to be removed from both the OVC-discuss and OVC-develop lists. Oy. Best of luck to you all.

Marty Schrader

Embedded Technology Consulting from

Parsec Systems, Inc.
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