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In your small company town, it is very likely that the company has
several executives in the leadership positions that would have access
to the actual ballots. The owner of the company might even be the mayor
oe election board supervisor. That would allow them to manipulate the
vote and since the process is not transparent and public accessible, do
so with very little fear of their fraud ever being discovered.

As a whistleblower, I can attest that coming forward is not always the
easiest path. In many cases the fraud might go unnoticed. Public
accessibility would reduce that possibility. Every citizen would have
the right to review the results and if enough irregularities existed
call for an investigation. Hiding the ballot behind political officials
and official hearings just gives cover to those most likely to
perpetrate vote fraud.

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> Clint,
> > In cases of fraud, the person who was being forced to vote a
> > particular way could very easily report such activity and a sting
> > could be set up to catch the offenders. .......
> >
> "very easily" in theory. In practice, it might be extremely difficult.
> Let's say you're in a small CompanyTown somewhere. Everyone you know works
> for the company. The company is just getting by. The company wants you to
> vote a certain way on Measure C. Blowing the whistle -- especially if
> there's a severe penalty as you suggest -- could bring down the company and
> take all the jobs away.
> Who would blow the whistle knowing that it may mean the end of CompanyTown?
> It would not be an easy decision.
> Better to make vote proving impossible -- or difficult at the very least.
> Alan D.
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