Regarding voting receipts and such

From: David Webber \(XML\) <"David>
Date: Mon May 23 2005 - 08:54:23 CDT


I'd suggest just tabling this to V2 or Phase 2.

A few reasons -

#1 - I do not see this as a core need - its a nice to have -
       but one that distracts from the overall message
       vis DRE's and lack of transparency.

#2 - The bigger priority is to have a simple paper ballot
        system that is clear and supports existing voter
        expectation and standard practice for past
       150 years.

#3 - Legislation - is giving voters receipts allowed? This
       could be used by detractors to raise a large
       FUD smoke screen around use.

#4 - This road is fraught - mainly because VoteHere are
        in the process of / have got / patents in this area
        (god bless the USPTO) - and almost certainly
        anything implemented would potentially infringe.

Given these - I'd suggest putting this "on hold". Let's
get a basic operational toolset implemented - we can
return later to this "nice to have" of receipts - and
add that in Phase 2. Also I suspect this becomes
more important once we start to tackle internet
based voting et al - and we're a year or two off
from that! ; -)


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