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Date: Sun May 22 2005 - 16:27:50 CDT

In cases of fraud, the person who was being forced to vote a particular
way could very easily report such activity and a sting could be set up
to catch the offenders. Make the penalties sever and reward the
whistleblowers highly. Public viewing where such trends were seen would
also alert concerned citizens to possible problems. It also becomes
highly problematic to make such a scheme worthwhile.

In order to make any real difference the scale of the fraud would need
to involved thousands of everyday citizens. Such conspiracy is highly
unlikely without some "malcontent" ratting out the system. Especially
if that rat has a little too much ethics or is highly rewarded for
their activity.

Hiding the vote behind codes and viewing only by party officials makes
manipulation of the vote a lot easier. It is not the elected officials
that are striving for election reform. It is just the common citizen.
That is where our faith sould lie.


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> Marty,
> > Alan Dechert said:
> >> You cannot publish the ballots. People will sign them. I
> >> thought we buried that one a long time ago.
> >
> > Why is this issue "buried?"
> >
> Are you serious? If my ballot was published somewhere that I could go and
> look at it (online or at county HQ, whatever) I'd probably be delighted to
> go look at it. Let's say I don't care about Drain Commissioner, so I write
> in Clive Cadiddlehopper IV. When I find a ballot with Clive Cadiddlehopper
> IV written in for Drain Commissioner, then I've found my ballot. I'd like
> to do that just for fun to see my ballot there and be sure it was in the
> batch. This technique could also be used to prove my vote to someone I
> promised to vote for (whether I was being paid or not).
> As Doug Jones pointed out a long time ago, another more subtle way would be
> to use a kind of Morse Code to sign your ballot in a series of yes/no
> contests you don't care about (Judicial retentions, for example).
> If you could eliminate write-ins from the ballot, it might be a little
> easier to argue for publishing ballots. Otherwise, forget it, imho.
> Alan D.
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