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If you make it a crime with substantial penalties (and actually enforce
those penalties). Such instances of fraud are fairly easy to stop,
especially if their are substantial rewards and protections for the
whistleblowers. By making the ballots publicly available, that type of
pattern voting is open to inspection and would make participating in
such criminal activity less likely. Criminals live in the shadows. The
more light you shine on them, the harder it is to pull off illegal


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> Subject: [OVC-discuss] Ballot publication problem
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> My son pointed out to me that if there are more than a few races
> on a ballot, and all of the ballots in an election are
> published, it may be possible to buy votes and coerce voting. It
> is only necessary to require a specific, very unlikely pattern
> of votes from each person, with all votes in one race of
> interest the same, so that individual ballots can be identified.
> Telling people to vote for a random selection of candidates of
> different parties might raise suspicions, of course, but it
> might be possible for the cheaters to avoid this problem using
> non-partisan offices and ballot measures.
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