Ballot publication problem

From: David Mertz <voting-project_at_gnosis_dot_cx>
Date: Sun May 22 2005 - 01:07:55 CDT

On May 22, 2005, at 2:04 AM, Edward Cherlin wrote:
> My son pointed out to me that if there are more than a few races
> on a ballot, and all of the ballots in an election are
> published, it may be possible to buy votes and coerce voting. It
> is only necessary to require a specific, very unlikely pattern

Yes. This was discussed at great length a year to a year-and-a-half
ago on the OVC list. This concern is also covered in several of the
academic papers written by OVC members. Generally, I call this threat
"marked ballots," which fall generally under "threats involving voter
collusion." And more generally, this is a special type of covert

It's good to raise this concern for new members. But you might also
want to search the list archives for prior discussion.

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