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Yes - local conditions dictate different procedures!

I was merely pointing this out for comparison - and the
need in an international approach (or even State by State USA!) to
be able to adapt the base model effectively through direct
programmatic control - so that the resultant system exactly
matches the legal requirements.

Of course the DRE approach is simpler - it works that way,
whatever that is, accompanied by much hand-waving,
obfuscation, and obstructive closed reviews!

Cheers, DW
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  The UK is undoubtedly a civilized enough polity in which encrypted voter identification on the ballot is workable. In the US, however, where many state voting officials are strongly partisan, this feature is dubious at best. Snooping into who voted for whom is not something I want to leave to the tender mercies of high government officials or low ones, for that matter.

  -- Dick
  "David Webber (XML)" <> wrote:
    Just FYI - in the UK - the election board can in certain circumstances
    request to know exactly who voted how.

    Therefore there are two levels of control in OASIS EML XML
    440 - one of course being optional - where the vote is
    anonymous at the top level. However embedded into the vote
    is also a crypto key that can reveal who the voter was that
    placed that particular vote.

    So in the extreme case of an audit that requires it - or a contested
    vote situation - the election officials can go in front of a judge
    and get permission to be able to "open" that crypto key and
    figure out who the voter was.

    Old paper ballots in the UK have this same set of measures.
    Where you receive your ballot paper when polling and that
    ballotID is noted on the electoral roll. A judge can order those
    electoral roll records opened.

    This brings us back to open source executables. I'd prefer
    that a build script would allow compiling around these - so that
    for the US - all code related to that level of processing would
    be excluded. And so we have a combination XML scripting
    of the processing - but also compile localizations that
    add or remove code accordingly.

    Just some thoughts for a Friday!

    Cheers, DW

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