Ballot tear-off, etc.

From: Marty Schrader <marty_at_parsecsystemsinc_dot_com>
Date: Sat May 21 2005 - 11:21:10 CDT

I appreciate the real and perceived problems of "ballot tracking" with the PGP
identifier. What I was hoping to do was stimulate some thinking and further
discussion of the pros and cons of offering such a tracking mechanism. The ID is
a way for the voter alone to know that his vote was recorded accurately and to
verify the actual ballot contents after the fact. Everybody downstream of the
voter just sees a number attached to a ballot that contains a set of votes cast.

No solution is going to solve all the problems. We need to talk about which
problems are addressed by which solution features and which problems are created
by solutions to other problems. Perhaps we can collectively come up with a sorta
priority schedule on problems/solutions in a relative list. Maybe. Let's take a
poke at it.

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