New malware gateway premieres at month end

From: Ron Crane <voting_at_lastland_dot_net>
Date: Thu May 19 2005 - 14:55:06 CDT

Intel (Nasdaq: INTC - news) is poised to deliver a technology platform
for desktop machines that goes well beyond PC processors to include
system-management capabilities, security features and support for
next-generation 64-bit computing.

By the end of this month the company will launch its Professional
Business Platform (PBP), representing the latest step in a strategy to
focus on the ongoing convergence of computing and communications.
A key component of PBP is Intel's Active Management Technology, which
is embedded in the chipset. It will allow I.T. managers to access and
work on any platform-enabled laptop or desktop PC remotely, regardless
of whether the machine is operational, explained company spokesperson
Scott Smith.

"Managers can add security patches or do software downloads by remote,
resulting in significant savings in both time and money," he said. "It
provides a view of every computer in the business system, and reduces
the number of different types of computers in a system that manager has
to deal with."

The platform is based on the Pentium 4 series 600 chip, the 945G
Express chipset and IntelPro 1000 desktop adapter.


 From the article, this appears to work in concert with a hardwired
ethernet adapter (the "IntelPro 1000"). One wonders whether it will
also operate via wireless. Alas, searching for "PBP" or "professional
business platform" yields nothing on Intel's site as of yet.

This kind of thing will appear more and more frequently in COTS
hardware, and will make it easier for vendors (or possibly even
hackers) to load malware into voting machines.


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