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The lock may not stop working. But the ability to reproduce results of
the election is lost to the public. I may be wrong, but the second
receipt that is open to the public is one of the most important parts
of open voting. The possibility that a few participants that vote
completely out of sync with the majority can be identified seems a weak
argument for loosing transparency of the election process.

Maybe there could be an exclusionary rule where a person could request
that their ballot never be part of public record. The percentages
gained by third party candidates are usually so small that their
absence would not greatly effect the voting percentages. Not perfect by
mathematical standards but still better than forcing the public to trust
the system.

This is not to slam third parties, but with our winner take all approach
to elections, third parties will probably never be able to maintain the
stamina it takes to win on any large scale. A parliamentary system
promotes such change. Our system does not. The winner makes the rules
and controls the money. The minorities go home with nothing.

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> On May 19, 2005, at 5:58 AM, Edward Cherlin wrote:
> > Slicing also removes any association between votes and security.
> > The sliced data is precisely what you get from a DRE:
> That's really not fair. Pieces of paper, even if divided into smaller
> sections (I like the perforation thing that Jim March had raised;
> multiple pre-cut peformations are possible), have a physical
> chain-of-custody and transparency to them. The lock on the ballot box
> doesn't stop working because the paper put in it was torn along the
> perforated line before it was placed in the box.
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