Re: exit polls vs. election results

From: Stephanie Frank Singer <sfsinger_at_campaignscientific_dot_com>
Date: Mon May 16 2005 - 08:18:55 CDT

>> Opinions? Note that this column has supported the USCV position in
>> the
>> past.
>> -Fred-

First fact: this is only Ohio data. The states with the most
suspicious results were PA, NY, NH and VT.

Second: I looked for this "report" on line and found only some slides
for a presentation. Now I can't even get access to those on the
website. (So I've attached the copy I downloaded yesterday to this
message so you all can take a look.)

Action item: Can we use this report as leverage to get more of the
underlying data from Mitofsky/Edison? Here in PA we're quite
frustrated by the unwillingness of M/E to release the precinct-level
data to us so that we can do more thorough analysis. The report says
that Scheuren has access to more data than other reports. How did
Scheuren get access to more data?


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